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Kristian Hoffman solo and band recordings
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Mumps - How I Saved the World
Mumps - How I Saved the World, to be released 2005 on Sympathy for the Record Industry, with accompanying DVD of Mumps live performances. Here is the Sympathy for the Record Industry press release about the compilation.

Guru Home Demos
Guru Home Demos by Kristian Hoffman, 2003. 21 tracks from Kristian's personal collection, recorded as demos for the eggBERT album I Don't Love My Guru Anymore. A "virgin" set of nakedly acoustic demos is accompanied by an "abused" set arranged and enhanced in the home studio. A rare glimpse into the process of turning a musical idea into a song. Includes three previously unreleased songs not available elsewhere. Available exclusively through this website at the Record Store.
Am Fam Variations
Am Fam Variations by Kristian Hoffman, 2002. Twelve varied, whimsical, satirical, ridiculous, and sometimes beautiful versions of the theme from Lance Loud! A Death In An American Family, the "revisited" episode of An American Family that aired on PBS in Jan. 2003. Plus two bonus tracks. Available exclusively through this website at the Record Store.
& by Kristian Hoffman, 2002. This was originally to be titled Duets. Kristian makes pretty, rocking, melodic, wistful, funky, and outre sounds with a dozen or so other musical eccentrics. Features "Devil May Care" with Russell Mael of Sparks, "Revert To Type" with Van Dyke Parks, "Anyone But You" with Stew of the Negro Problem, "Scarecrow" with Rufus Wainwright, "God, If Any, Only Knows" with Abby Travis, and ten other songs. Go to the & page for all the details. Produced by Earle Mankey. Available from CD Baby. Click here for reviews.
Earthquake Weather Earthquake Weather by Kristian Hoffman, 1996. Kristian's pop-rock album, featuring "He Means Well," "Earthquake Weather," "Gaper's Club," "That Beautiful Word," "The Fool is Back Upon the Hill," and nine other tracks. The songs range from seething social commentary to tender personal revelations. Produced by Earle Mankey. Available from CD Baby. Click here for reviews.
He Means Well
A 7" of the song "He Means Well" b/w with Kristian's cover of the Small Faces song "Green Circles," released as a promo for the upcoming album Earthquake Weather and featuring this hysterical cover art. Pressed on green vinyl! Now available exclusively through this website at the Record Store.
I Don't Love My Guru Anymore
I Don't Love My Guru Anymore by Kristian Hoffman, 1993. Kristian's solo debut -- his pop-folk album -- featuring "Garbage Turns to Gold," "I Don't Love My Guru Anymore," "I Fell From Grace," "Science Fiction," "My Generation," and eight other tracks. Produced by Earle Mankey. Available from CD Baby. Click here for reviews.
Swinging Madisons
Swinging Madisons. Five-song 12" EP recorded with the lounge music - meets - punk band that Kristian fronted in NY in the early '80s. Rock and roll with an amazing sense of humor. Click here for reviews or here for some notes on the history of the band.
Fatal Charm 1975-1980: A Brief History of a Brief History, compilation released 1994 and available from CD Baby. The entire recorded output of Mumps, Kristian's legendary wildly popular '70s pop/punk band with Lance Loud. Kristian played keyboards and wrote most of the songs. Click here for reviews or here for an overview of the history of the band.
"Rock & Roll This, Rock & Roll That" b/w "Muscleboys" and "That Fatal Charm" (7") released 1978 on Perfect Records (Mumps' own record label). Kri?tian wrote "Rock & Roll This, Rock & Roll That" and "Fatal Charm" and Lance Loud wrote "Muscleboys."
"I Like To Be Clean" b/w "Crocodile Tears" (7") released 1977 on Bomp Records. Mumps were the wildly popular NY band starring Lance Loud and Kristian. This was their first single. Both songs were written by Kristian.
Kristian Hoffman in supporting roles
Ann Magnuson
Pretty Songs and Ugly Stories, 2006, the latest album from long-time KH accomplice Ann Magnuson. Produced and arranged by Kristian, who also co-wrote nine of the songs and plays keys and percussion.
Carolyn Edwards
Carolyn Edwards, 2005. Finally!Carolyn Edwards releases her solo album, full of gorgeous, surprising songs. Kristian's organ playing is featured on the beautiful and romantic "Wrestling Match".
What's it all about?
What's It All About?, 2005. Andrew Sandoval's latest album. Kristian is featured keyboardist on fab cover of Grapefruit's immortal "Round Going Round".
New York Rocks
New York Rocks, 2005. Koch Records compilation of New York punk-era tracks includes "Crocodile Tears" by Mumps. More information.
Gigantes Del Pop, 2004. By L.A. pop band The Shakes on Teenacide Records. Contains a raucous cover version of "Crocodile Tears" written by Kristian, originally performed by Mumps.
Music To Lose Your Knickers By
Music To Lose Your Knickers By, 2004. The soundtrack album to director Augusta's documentary on the sensational Velvet Hammer Burlesque Show. 12 whacky loungecore instrumentals, including songs by Combustible Edison's The Millionaire, and Bricktops' notorious Mr. Uncertain. Kristian wrote and performs two instrumentals, and plays organ on "Ass Tassels." Visit
Apples Oranges Nuts Bolts
Apples Oranges Nuts Bolts an L.A. Music Compilation, 2003. Features the track "Devil May Care" (with Russell Mael) from &. The CD includes twelve wildly eclectic tunes from the L.A. pop scene of today, compiled by L.A. Weekly.
Blow-Up: In Technicolor
In Technicolor by Blow-Up, 2003. Kristian supplies keyboards, guitars, and strings. The album is written & produced by Claudio Camalone & Paolo Cilione and features guest appearances by ?eborah Harry and Dee Dee Ramone.
Dave Davies' Bug
Bug by Dave Davies, 2002. Kristian plays piano and keyboards. Visit for more on Dave.
Sally Norvell's Choking Victim
Choking Victim by Sally Norvell, 2002. Includes a bizarre jazz-inflected version of the song "Murder" co-written by Sally and Kristian for the band they were in together, Congo Norvell.
Rosenstolz Kassengift
Kassengift by Rosenstolz, 2002. Full-length CD featuring this German dance band's cover of Kristian's "Total Eclipse," originally sung by Klaus Nomi.
Rosenstolz Total Eclipse single
Total Eclipse by Rosenstolz featuring Marc Almond, 2001. The single version of Kristian's "Total Eclipse." Features Marc Almond (of Soft Cell) on vocals; completely different mix than the album version. A top 20 hit in Germany.
Abby Travis
Cutthroat Standards & Black Pop by Abby Travis, 2000. Produced by Abby Travis and Kristian Hoffman. Kristian plays piano and wrote one of the songs, and has played in her touring band. Visit for more on Abby.
A Beautiful Story by Andrew, 2000. Kristian plays piano and harpsichord and drew the cover art. Available from eggBERT Records.
Jigsaw Seen
Zenith by The Jigsaw Seen, 2000. Kristian plays piano on a few tracks. Visit for more on this L.A. band or to order the CD.
Listen & Learn with Vibro-phonic
Listen and Learn with Vibro-phonic, compilation released in 1999. Kristian contributes his cover of the Small Faces' "Green Circles" and produced a track by Ann Magnuson. Available from eggBERT Records.
Klaus Nomi
Eclipsed, compilation released in 1999 of songs recorded by Klaus Nomi. Kristian wrote three songs ("Total Eclipse," "After the Fall," and "Simple Man") and played keyboards or percussion on three songs. Here is the text of Klaus Nomi's obituary, written by Kristian.
El Vez
Son of a Lad From Spain, 1999, by El Vez, the "Mexican Elvis." Kristian plays keyboards on "Lady Stardust."
Dave Davies
Rock Bottom Live by Dave Davies, live album recorded 1997. Kristian plays keyboards on this live album that is considered by many to be the best live recording of Kinks music ever. Visit for more on Dave.
El Vez
G.I. Ay, Ay! Blues, 1996 by El Vez, the "Mexican Elvis." Kristian plays piano in the band.
Sing Hollies in Reverse
Sing Hollies in Reverse, 1995. An eggBERT Records tribute to the Hollies. Kristian performs "I'm Alive" and drew the cover.
Melody Fair
Melody Fair, 1995. Kristian gives "Lemons Never Forget" the baroque-rock treatment on this eggBERT Records tribute to the Bee Gees.
Congo Norvell
Live in the Mission by Congo Norvell, 1995. Three-song 7" pressed on this lovely yellow vinyl. Kristian played an acoustic grand piano and co-wrote one song.
Congo Norvell
Music to Remember Him By by Congo Norvell, 1994. Kristian plays keyboards, co-wrote five songs, and sings on one track on this album featuring the sultry vocals of Sally Norvell.
Congo Norvell - Lullabies
Lullabies by Congo Norvell, 1992. Kristian plays keyboards and co-wrote one song on this vinyl EP containing four torch songs.
Lydia Lunch
In Limbo by Lydia Lunch, 1984. Kristian plays piano on this LP by his long-time collaborator.
Lydia Lunch - Agony is Ecstacy EP
The Agony is the Ecstacy by Lydia Lunch, 1982. This 12" EP is the byproduct of a tour of Europe in which Kristian played drums (yes, drums) in Lydia Lunch's band. The other side of the EP contains music ("Drunk on the Pope's Blood") by the Birthday Party (with Nick Cave), the headliner of the tour.
Urgh! A Music War
Urgh! A Music War, 1982. ?Soundtrack album of the movie of the same name featuring performances by many new wave artists. Klaus Nomi steals the show singing Kristian Hoffman's "Total Eclipse."
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Vortex, 1981. Lydia Lunch and Ann Magnuson were in the movie and Kristian played keyboards on the soundtrack.
David McDermott
I Do by David McDermott, early 1980s. This was a flexi-disc souvenir of Izhar Patkin's Black and White art show in Soho. At the opening, artist David McDermott sang the song "I Do," written by Kristian, a '20s style composition in praise of integration. The flexi-disc is a studio recording of the song with a full orchestra.
Mykel Board's Art
The Only Band in the World by Mykel Board's Art, 1980. Kristian played vibes, piano, and organ on "Ugly People with Fancy Hairdo's" aka "We're All Boat People" with this ridiculous rant parody band, also featuring Club 57's all-girl noise band; produced by Chris Butler (the Waitresses).
James White
Off White by James White and the Blacks, 1979. Kristian, in his alter ego as Tad Among, played piano and co-wrote three tracks on this disco/funk/free jazz hybrid by avant-garde no wave player James White, also known as James Chance of the Contortions.
Gary Valentine
"The First One" b/w "Tomorrow Belongs to You" (7") by Gary Valentine, 1978. Kristian played keyboards on this solo release by Blondie member Gary Valentine. Fellow Mumps Rob DuPrey and Paul Rutner also played on the record.