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"It's always good to be in a band with another eccentric." - Kristian Hoffman.

The Duet Partners of "&":

Lydia Lunch - Kristian has played on some of her albums and illustrated a book she wrote called Incriminating Evidence. She performs and co-wrote "I Can't Remember My Dreams."
Russell Mael - duet partner on "Devil May Care" - this is a fan site about Sparks
Ann Magnuson - duet partner on "Sex In Heaven." Kristian played in Bleaker Street Incident and other bands with her. She's also an actress and starred in the movie Making Mr. Right.
Steve McDonald - duet partner on "I Could Die For Cute" - this is the official site of his band Redd Kross
Maria McKee - duet partner on "Tender Even Then"
Van Dyke Parks - does the string arrangement on "Revert To Type"
Michael Quercio (of the Jupiter Affect) - duet partner on "Just In Time"
Paul Reubens (a fan site) - he performs "Sex Choir Prologue"
Darian Sahanaja - he duets on "Palace of Corn" - this is a fan site about his band The Wondermints
Stew (of The Negro Problem) - duet partner on "Any One But You"
Abby Travis - duet partner on "God, If Any, Only Knows"; Kristian played on her album Cutthroat Standards and Black Pop and played in her touring band.
El Vez - "The Mexican Elvis"; Kristian has played keyboards in his band; El Vez is the duet partner on "Madison Avenue"
Rufus Wainwright - Kristian has played keyboards in his band; Rufus duets on "Scarecrow"
Anna Waronker - duet partner on "Get It Right This Time"
Paul Zone - duet partner on "Series of You's" - this is a page about his band The Fast

Continuing Kristian Creative Collaborators

Marc Almond - He sings "Total Eclipse" on the Rosenstolz single remix recording of the song (top 20 hit in Germany).
Alice Bag - A veteran of the L.A. punk scene, she and Kristian have played a few gigs together.
Jensen Bell - website of power-pop music artist features art by Kristian.
Joe Berardi's website - he is Kristian's drummer in live performances.
An interview with Iris Berry - Kristian illustrated her book Two Blocks East of Vine.
James Chance - Kristian played on and co-wrote songs for the album Off White, recorded by James Chance of the New York No-Wave in his alter-ego as James White.
Congo Norvell - Trouser Press page about this band; Kristian played keyboards on several of their releases and co-wrote a song here and there.
Dave Davies - Kristian has played keyboards in his band and on his albums Rock Bottom Live and Bug.
Carolyn Edwards - Kristian has performed in her band for a multitude of L.A. club gigs.
Pleasant Gehman - Kristian has worked on musical and literary projects with her.
Gene Knudsen Hoffman - Kristian's mother - is a Quaker (Religious Society of Friends) Peace Activist. Read seven essays by her.
Nina Kiriki Hoffman - Kristian's little sister - who has a rifle of her own - is a celebrated science fiction author. Read an interview with her.
Jenny Lens - the girl with the camera eye has taken those many great pictures of Mumps and Kristian Hoffman. Here is the link directly to her Mumps page.
Mumps - The Official Mumps Website. Everything you need to know about the band Kristian and Lance Loud had in NY in the late '70s. Kristian wrote most of their songs, played keyboards, and sang.
Klaus Nomi - Kristian wrote several songs for the German faux-operatic glam singer including "Total Eclipse"
The Nomi Song - a film by Andrew Horn about Klaus Nomi
Phranc - The "Jewish Lesbian Folksinger" - She sings on a few of Kristian's songs.
Poison Ivy Rorschach - A member of the Cramps, she plays guitar on the song "That's Our Secret."
Rosenstolz - German synth dance band that covered "Total Eclipse."
Andrew Sandoval - L.A. indie musician (and Monkees expert) with whom Kristian has had a long association, including playing on and illustrating albums by Andrew and playing in various bands with him.
Rocky Schenck - Photographer who has taken the photos for Kristian's album covers and many others. He took the picture at the top of this page, for instance.
The Jigsaw Seen - Kristian played piano on their album Zenith and Jonathan Lea from TJS has played guitar on some of Kristian's songs.
James White & The Blacks - Kristian played keyboards and co-wrote a few songs on their album Off White.

Hoffman's Record Distributor

CD Baby - Distributor of Kristian's solo albums and the Mumps compilation.