Billboard August 2002

Kristian Hoffman
Album Title: &
Producer(s): Earle Mankey
Genre: POP
Label/Catalog Number: eggBERT 80032
Source: PRINT
Originally Reviewed: August 03, 2002

Add Kristian Hoffman's name to the ever-growing list of tunesmiths setting out to establish themselves as recording artists in their own right. Hoffman is a quirky Los Angeles writer whose claim to fame is penning the '80s-era cult fave "Total Eclipse" by Klaus Nomi. Though & is not Hoffman's first crack at performing (he's also helmed several avante-garde bands that include the Mumps and Swinging Madisons), it is his best shot at introducing his music to a sizable audience - thanks in large part to a plethora of offbeat but engaging duets with such artists as Rufus Wainwright, Paul Reubens (yes, Pee Wee Herman), and Lydia Lunch. Hoffman's creaky voice is an acquired taste, but his gift for sticky-sweet melodies and clever lyrics is undeniable. In all, a fun and festive breather from the major-label factory conveyor belt of wannabes and soundalikes.

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