20th Century Guitar, July 2002

Kristian Hoffman & (Eggbert)

Currently playing keyboards with Kinks guitarist Dave Davies, the third solo album from singer-songwriter Kristian Hoffman is a pop lover's dream come true. As good as Hoffman's keyboard work is with Dave Davies he really delivers the goods on his latest album for California-based Eggbert Records. Described as a cross between The Beach Boys, The Move and '60s Bubblegum music, Hoffman shares the center spotlight with some outstanding vocalists on his new album, the uniquely titled &. Vocalists appearing include Ann Magnuson, Maria McKee, Michael Quercio, Russell Mael (of Sparks), Stew and Darian Sahanaja (of The Wondermints) to name a few. Also on hand is the great Van Dyke Parks and even Paul Reubens (a/k/a Pee Wee Herman). Hoffman's band includes fine guitarists such as Earle Mankey (who also produced &), Dave Bongiovanni and Nick Hoffman. Made by pop lovers for pop lovers, & is the kind of album that gets a little better with each push of the play button. www.eggbert.com

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