Official Kristian Hoffman Website

IMPORTANT NEWS! Kristian Hoffman's new 17 song solo CD, "FOP", was released by Kayo Stereophonic Recordings on September 28, 2010! Buy it at, Barnes&Noble .com, or the cyber distributor of your choice!

Official Kristian Hoffman Website

Updated: 18 March 2011

PLEASE NOTE: This is Kristian Hoffman's Official Archival Website

It will be updated very few weeks with important information, major news, links, etc.

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"Big shots argue about what they've got
making the planet so hot, hot as a holocaust.
Blow up, everything's gonna go up
even if you don't show up
in your Chemise Lacoste."

-- "Total Eclipse" (by Kristian Hoffman, performed by Klaus Nomi)

a pop singer and songwriter who's as concerned with craft and nuance as he is with tossing out memorable hooks and catchy choruses ... truly dazzling! - Goldmine

a songwriter who doesn’t regard a literate sensibility and a rocking backbeat as incompatible - Shredding Paper

to say Hoffman is a great songwriter is an understatement ... the man and his music are pure genius! - Genre

& is the record that every fan of the Beatles, the Beach Boys, the Kinks and great songcraft in general has been pining for. Frighteningly Excellent! - L.A. Weekly

idiosyncratic songwriting and arranging that have made him a cult favorite - Pulse (Tower Records)

& ... a tour de force of classic pop songcraft - All Music Guide

his music is an exquisite, extravagant pop-pourri of carnival-coloured hooks - Montreal Mirror

shamelessly fun and perky ... & is surely one of the finest pop albums of the year - Santa Barbara Independent

shimmery operatic pop and smart, twisted, terminally romantic lyrics - Pop Culture press

tunesmith extraordinaire ... glorious songs! - L. A. New Times

catchy, at times weird, but always engaging pop melodies ... one of the underground's best songsmiths! - Rolling Stone

a fun and festive breather from the major-label factory conveyor belt - Billboard

decidedly delightful, over-the-top ... just smashing, dah-link - Seattle Weekly

a pop lover's dream come true - 20th Century Guitar

& is the most epic of pop albums you'll hear all year - Aquarian Weekly

no-holds-barred lyrics with brilliant rhyme schemes - Popsided

"I think each song should be a little adventure. Even though I like things to be familiar because it's comforting and I have a particular style of music that might be my favorite, I like to surprise you or take it somewhere you don't expect." - Kristian Hoffman

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